Kinga Subject

Kinga Subject


Kinga Subject has been making art since she was a little girl growing up in Transylvania. Her creativity was always nurtured and encouraged by her parents and her favourite way to spend time was sketching, drawing and painting for hours. She feels most at home when she is making art.

Over the years she has dabbled in all kinds of art but photography, painting and printmaking remain her favourite forms of expression. In her current collection of paintings she explores a new twist on the still-life. She illuminates treasured objects; a collection of plates from Korond, a tea set passed down through generations and other objects of interest from a flat-lay / birds-eye perspective. 

She believes that all objects can have beauty if you’re willing to take a closer look and if you’re willing to change your perspective. She also believes that light and shadows must live in the same space so she includes this in her work as much as possible. Mostly, she hopes you enjoy her work as much as she enjoys creating it. 

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