Krista Roberts

Krista Roberts


Krista has been an artist in her small hometown in Ontario for several years but she only discovered ceramic art a few years ago and was immediately hooked! She was fascinated with functional pots and their daily interaction with our lives. Since then, the ability to touch and interact with or, better, to give purpose to a piece of art has become essential to her work.

She works exclusively with ceramic slip casting, a process that uses liquid clay poured into hand-made plaster molds. Crystalline glazing gives pieces a unique pattern that can never be replicated. All unglazed surfaces are sanded by hand for added softness.

Krista completed her final year of study in the ceramics program at Sheridan College in April 2019. She creates unique, functional and decorative ceramic ware for those who enjoy an elevated dining experience in their everyday routine. Her passion is creating functional, lightweight, and durable ware that is exciting to view and comfortable to use.

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