Leah Dockrill

Leah Dockrill


Leah Dockrill holds degrees in education, library science and law, and, in addition, has developed a thirty-year art practice that includes painting, collage and digital art.

 She finds the three art forms equally engaging. Of collage, she says that the medium is a throwback to childhood when she could live at least some of the time in her paper doll universe. She could change the direction of lives from hour to hour.

 The process of creating a collage portrait is as energizing as those bygone activities. The artist has in mind the face of a woman. She draws the face. She builds the face with pieces of paper carefully chosen from photographs in her large collection of vintage magazines, or found images gleaned from collections in public domain image libraries. Leah compares the process to creating a jigsaw puzzle from scratch. She progresses from the face to the hat and the suggestion of clothing, and contrives the apparel as she moves through the piece, using fine art papers and papers with her own digitally designed prints.

A change is as good as a rest, of course, and moving from collage, a necessarily structured medium, to an abstract acrylic painting, which is entirely free form, is invigorating.

 Leah’s work, both collages and paintings, have been exhibited in Canada and the U.S. She has won numerous awards and as well, several art and literature reviews have published her images in recent months. Some of these are Cosumnes River Journal, The Raw Art Review, Split Rock Review, Mud Season Review, Glassworks Magazine, The Esthetic Apostle, Cleaning Up Glitter and Gulf Stream Literary Magazine.

Leah says that she feels quite blessed, if at the end of the day, she has succeeded in producing an image, whether in paper or in paint, that elicits a positive reaction in a viewer.

Leah has been an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists since 2000, and lives in Toronto with her husband and two Siberian Neva Masquerade cats.

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