Andrea Howson

Andrea Howson


Andrea Howson is an acrylic artist living and working in Belwood, ON. She attended Sheridan College, in Oakville, ON, where she studied and completed a Fine Arts program with Honours. Initially concentrating on the human form, her focus gradually shifted towards wildlife art. She strives to give each of her four-legged or winged subjects a personality the viewer can connect with.

Her artwork takes a whimsical perspective of wildlife, often portraying subjects head-on looking out at the viewer. This is not meant to be confrontational, rather more amusing and curious, taking away the formality that reality sometimes possesses. Her work is dedicated to connecting with the animals and birds that surrounds us and showing others a different and more personal view of the wildlife inhabitants that share the world with us.

With influences of Van Gogh, Matisse, and Chagall, her style of artwork is naturally fluid, dynamic, and intensely colourful. Her paintings show movement, rhythm, and energy, and above all, bring the artist’s imagination to life on the canvas.

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