Beverley Rosenberg

Beverley Rosenberg


Toronto based artist, Beverley Rosenberg studied at OCAD where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Drawing and Painting. Her true passion for painting came through private art classes, where she discovered a painting process that negated the need for realism and structure, rather whimsical expression. Beverley's work has appeared in group exhibitions such as the Yumart Gallery, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, AWOL Gallery, The Embassy, Art Crawl and Art Square Gallery to name a few, where her work has gained an enthusiastic following. From the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in 2013, Beverley received the Telford Fenton Memorial Award.

Beverley Rosenberg’s paintings have a childlike appearance, however their context is multi-layered and complex with subject matter pertaining to the human psyche, family life, self-discovery, body image and social interactions. While simple on the surface, they contain vibrant, sometimes intense emotional undertones, creating a visceral experience for the viewer. Through the process of taking her sketchbook wherever she goes, whether to a party, music show, or the hospital, her work is a direct response to the environment and the information she finds there.

Raw and uncontrived, the end result of her process is an image that is highly authentic, 'grabbing' the viewer. She is most interested in people, what makes them tick and the everyday experiences of life.

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