Yvonne Villeneuve

Yvonne Villeneuve


Yvonne is a Toronto enamelist and goldsmith with many years experience in jewellery making, including graduating from the George Brown Jewellery Program in 2008.  She specializes in enamel jewellery, bowls and art.  Torched Studio is her jewellery line and craft studio.

Her work is abstract expressionism using glass and metal instead of paint and canvas. Her love of colour is expressed in minimalist, abstract, vividly hued designs with an architectural feel.  Each piece is a chance to try a new experiment, whether it’s a new colour combination, a new firing time or new designs.  Her enamels involve several layers of custom blended colours, guaranteeing that each piece is unique.

Her work was featured in the Fire and Fusion enamel exhibition as part of the Toronto International Jewellery Festival and has been published in the book “1000 Beads” by Lark Books. She was chosen as one of the top ten Toronto Etsy jewellery designers by The Culture Trip international blog and has also been featured in FutuReale Magazine

The enamelling process

Enamelling is the craft of firing very finely ground glass (vitreous enamel) onto a metal base at approximately 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.  All of the enamel on copper pieces are kiln fired, building up multiple layers and colours in separate firings.  Each piece takes anywhere from four to ten firings for jewellery and up to forty firings (or more!) for bowls and vases.  Only lead free enamels are used.  


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