Bill Schwarz

Bill Schwarz


Born and raised in Saskatchewan until he was seventeen, Bill put his childhood love of art on hold while he earned a law degree from the University of Toronto and set up a practice in Cambridge, Ontario.

Bill’s smoldering interest in art was rekindled in 1997 when his wife Nancy
suggested they take an art class together. His tenacity took hold and he has since pursued his artistic development with courses from OCAD as well as several other schools of art and galleries. He has attended other artists’ workshops in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe.

“Art helps me find the balance to what I was trained to do, what I want to do and what I see around me… I feel that my art is a quest to find a balance between the detail I am trained to find and the simplicity I want to achieve.”

Bill has a personal and abiding interest in the urban landscape. This means architecture of all sorts, from buildings and boats to vehicles or machinery. He is fascinated by the effect that nature has on the architecture… weathering it or breaking it down to give it a unique character. He is captivated by the idea that when architecture is new it looks essentially the same as any other architecture in the same category… it is time that gives it its unique quality and characteristics.'

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