Barry Hinrichs

Barry Hinrichs


Barry was born in Galt in 1950 and lived in the Cambridge area until 1989.  He graduated from GCI where he majored in drafting and woodworking.

He started his love of woodworking as a teenager, repairing and refinishing furniture, and continued the hobby when his children were young.  He made doll-houses, rocking horses, cradles for his daughter’s dolls, wooden drums, climbers and slides for his son.  When his first granddaughter was born, he took great pleasure in building a custom wood cradle for her.

As retirement neared, Barry purchased his first wood turning lathe.  With more time to enjoy his workshop, he began experimenting with different types of wood, turning techniques and finishes.  He has since upgraded his lathe and continues to enjoy working with different types of wood and techniques.

His favourite part of woodturning is the unknown, never knowing what a piece of wood will look like or what shape it will take once he starts turning it.  He loves the challenge of revealing the natural beauty in each piece of wood he turns and knowing each one is unique.

Barry’s woodturnings have been featured in craft shows and he is very excited to be one of nowords’ accepted artists.

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