Gail Garbe

Gail Garbe


Gail Garbe, a polymer clay artist from Kitchener, Ontario, has been selling her artwork at juried Art Festivals around Ontario for many years under the banner ‘Nifty Stuff by Gail’.

She discovered polymer clay over 10 years ago and has never looked back! Once a teacher of ceramics, she found that polymer clay in the unfired state is soft, pliable, colourful, and hardens after curing at a temperature that does not require a kiln.

Gail offers a wide range of unique home decor and giftware - sculpted Christmas ornaments; colourful kaleidoscope bowl sets; bright and imaginative containers, vases, tea-lights, and hanging vessels. Most of the creative artwork has a glass or ceramic base, which she then decorates with polymer clay… hand sculpting or blending of colours to create one-of-a-kind items. She also sculpts whimsical animals and characters to be displayed in a home or garden setting.

Quirky and geeky have been used to describe some of her imaginative works - she definitely enjoys sculpting her characters and fantasy scenery. Gail is always exploring new techniques in this very versatile medium (polymer clay), travelling to learn from the masters of the polymer clay world.

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