Jane Penner

Jane Penner


From a very young age Jane has worked with her hands, from sewing to ceramics to embroidery to macramé and about six years ago her love of jewellery brought her focus to designing and creating wearable art.  Over these past years she has narrowed her focus to two specific mediums.

Jane loves the idea of taking a treasured family heirloom of vintage silverware and silver trays and turning them into beautiful pieces of jewellery for a special keepsake for our generation and generations to come.

Her other passion is polymer clay. The beauty of working with polymer clay is your pieces are only limited by your imagination.  The possibilities of colour, design and style are endless.

Jane was recently commissioned by the Royal Canadian Legion in Ottawa to design and create polymer clay poppy jewellery.  Working with the supply director of the Legion a decision was made on the design and colour of the poppies and the Legion is selling these as a fundraiser for the veterans.  For Jane, this has been an exciting and rewarding journey.

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